Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day Six

GAS, LOTS OF GAS! (see details below)

Swelling in the scrotum after hernia surgery seems to be one of the most prevalent issues that patients face. The following should be seen as good news!

- The swelling in my testicles is 90% gone. Sleeping flat on the bed helped tremendously. The fluids no longer rush to the scrotum while lying down in a flat position. It's imperative that I wear an athletic supporter while walking or standing in order to avoid the scrotum pulling down on the surgery area.

10:30AM - I wake up! This is the morning after my first night sleeping on the bed(up until today, I'd slept on the couch).  

I feel like I'd rested(getting nearly 10 hours of sleep), yet, I CAN'T MOVE! I feel trapped and my whole body hurts and I have little to no strength to move in any which way.

For the first time I feel WEAK. I've felt varying levels of pain throughout this process, from the off the scale pain I felt the day after the surgery(see Day Two), to not feeling any pain and walking for 1.5 hours non-stop(with the help of a cane) from the couch to the bedroom and back.

But, today I feel like I'm stuck. I have absolutely NO ENERGY. Put it this way, it feels like I have the flu, without the headache or fever. You know that feeling: where your whole body hurts and you find it difficult, or impossible, to even turn over while in bed. That's how I feel!

I'm sitting on the couch, typing this post, and it's painful to do this much. My whole body feels overpowered by exhaustion.

10:30PM - A *NEW* pain comes into the picture!

While lying down on the couch I feel a stabbing pain on the left side, below rib cage. The pain is excruciating! I can't even take a shallow breath without the pain causing me to scream!

I feel comfort when putting pressure in the area and I'm able to pass gas and burp. Evidenlty, the pain is due to trapped gas.

Sady, the pain lasts another hour and I am finally able to go to bed at 11:30PM, when the pain is tolerable.

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